May 25, 2020 - Angular

Angular Router Configuration - Angular CLI App - Step by Step

This Angular tutorial explains how to configure angular router on Angular CLI, generate application. The tutorial explains how to import @angular/router module and configure the ng new basic application step by step....

May 18, 2020 - Angular

Angular Router Configuration - Apache Http Server, Nginx, Tomcat

This Angular post explains how to configure angular router on Apache HTTP Server, Nginx Server and Tomcat Server. The angular post explains client-side and server-side routing and production ready config on three most famous servers: Apache HTTP Serv...

Apr 28, 2020 - ReactJS

React Router Configuration - Create React App - Step by Step Configuration

This React post explains how to configure react router on create-react-app (CRA) step by step with a working example and downloadable source code included.The working react sample application is easy to understand....

Oct 24, 2020 - ReactJS

Guide to create React Loading Spinner with Overlay

This tutorial explains with examples, how to create a simple loading spinner using react and font-awesome components with and without using an overlay created with react-loading-overlay component....

Dec 21, 2020 - ReactJS

React Table - How to add a Record Count

This tutorial explains with working code, how to add a record count to react table....