Why Learninjava ?

This website is created to help developers with the painful things that they face daily. Often solutions on the internet are either partial or erroneous. This usually frustrates the developers and often have to put extra effort to make the solutions work. Sometimes, the solutions are often missing the vital information which results in no working product.
We often faced these challenges during our development experience and thought of providing painless solutions so that developers get access to working content and saves their daily time. This is the very reason why this website has been created. We tried our best to provide all the content free and working. All the articles, blogs and posts on this website accompanies downloadble working source, ready to work on.
The information provided on this website is free to read, modify or share. There are no boundaries or licenses in any form. All we expect from you is to spread the knowledge. Remember, if you have learned something here, you can tell others about the same. If you are a website owner, we expect you to include our website name and link so that others can benefit from you.


No birds (Angry Birds) or animals (Pigs) were harmed during the making of this website or its content. All the birds and animal characters used in some articles of this website are fictitious. Any resemblance to real birds/animals, living or dead, is purely coincidental :)
All trademarks and logos belongs to their owners.

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